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About Us

We are a group of investment enthusiasts dedicated to building profits over short term periods. We are extremely disciplined and ensure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of finding the edge.


Traditional investment options are typically long-term and offer inadequate returns.

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Athletics Investments (AI) is a registered entity that operates like a traditional mutual fund, pooling investor’s funds into a common hedge fund and investing them in the sports betting marketplace.

AI has partnered with the highest caliber sports wagering professionals (Sharp Money) who provide the in-depth analysis for every sports wager. These wagers are further scrutinized by a proprietary big data analytics program for validation.

Offering of the funds coincide with major sports leagues to include NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS NCAAF, NCAAB and MMA. (E.g. The NFL playoffs fund opens for investments 4 weeks prior to the first NFL playoff game. At the start of the playoffs the fund will close and no longer accept investments. Once the NFL playoffs are complete the investments + winnings are distributed to investors)


“Nevada Preps For Creation of Sports Betting Investment Funds”

Darren Heitner Contributor

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Investor Requirements

Investors must apply to become an investor.
Investors must submit to a background check and are subject to Cantor Gaming (CG) and Nevada Sports Commission regulations.
Note: AI, CG and the Nevada Sports Commission reserve the right to deny any applicant without explanation.

Fees and Expenses

AI is committed to providing the lowest fees associated with entity wagering while providing a high caliber team of professionals that understand the industry.
Fees are subject to change in January 2018
$0 – Online notary of application
$0 – Fee per investment
$0 – PayPal transaction
$0 – Fee per withdrawal
$5 – Fee per trade
20% – From profit margin

Step by Step Process

Step 1: Register to become a member
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Step 3: Get approved to invest
Step 4: Invest in available funds
Step 5: Enjoy

With self discipline most anything is possible! - Theodore Roosevelt

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Our promise at Athletics Investments LLC is to provide the most transparent entity wagering hedge fund on the market

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Our simple step-by-step process allows investors of all backgrounds to join. Whether you’re speculating in alternative investments or serious about a long term investment oppurtunity.

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Our seamless automation offers a user friendly experience that leads the industry.

Well Documented

All trades are documented on the website and kept for historical references.

Online Notary

That’s right! We partnered up with Notarize.com to integrate their service with our investors. Now you don’t have to take a trip to the nearest post office or bank to notarize your application. Simply click through the wizard and you’re done.

PayPal and Bitcoin Integration

No more sketchy cash deposits or western union money transfers. Every penny is accounted for via third party..

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Here’s How It Works!


What is entity sports wagering?

Entity sports wagering is a new State of Nevada sports investment product that was legalized by the Nevada legislature and signed into law by Gov. Sandoval on June 2, 2015. Entity sports wagering allows investors outside the State of Nevada to pool their money into an investment fund, similar to a hedge fund or mutual fund, that is managed by an approved fund manager who has complete control of all investment decisions and meets all requirements established by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Who is CG Technology?

CG Technology is the sports book operator for the entity sports wagering program. They are the entity that accepts the entity investments tendered by the fund. You may see their website atwww.cgtglobal.com. As additional sportsbooks come online AI will negotiate contracts to place wagers in their sports books also.

How do I track my investments?

Our database will be updated with all wagers and reflected in your account through our website www.AthleticsInvestments.com. Stay tuned for our IOS and Android compatible app launching soon which will allow you to monitor your funds on the go.

Where are the funds held?

All Athletics Investments depository accounts are held by The Bank of Nevada. Our sports entity investment account is held by CG Technology.

Will I have to pay income tax on the winnings?

Yes. This is a taxable investment and you will receive a K-1 on or before January 31st for the previous calendar year.

Is there any risk?

As with any investment there is always the risk of losing your investments. We strongly advise all interested parties to seek financial advice prior to investing.

AI is committed to mitigating risk by exercising strict discipline in implementing our strategy, performing extensive analysis on the lines and limiting wagers to 5% of the fund value.

Our Client Testimonials


727-579-20 (56%) $116,810   (+116.81 units)
Starting Bankroll: $20,000 (558% Growth)
$1,000/per unit (1-4 Unit Scale)
Last Update: 01/01/2017

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909-776-45 (54%) +212.45 units
Starting Bankroll: 100u (1-4 Unit Scale)

Date Game Pick Odds Results Won/Loss (units) Cumulative +/- (units)
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888-762-43 (54%) +327.32 units
Starting Bankroll: 100u (1-10 Unit Scale)

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Our Funds

Funds are offered as we find an edge in the market. Funds are available to invest in for a limited period of time

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