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An unfair advantage over the sports books. All subscriptions are guaranteed to profit and will extend automatically until they are profitable.

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Why these
specific sports
you ask?

Ai “Trades” Sport! It takes into account over 80 different parameters in every game such as player conditions, injuries, Home or Away team, goalies, past performance, predicted future performance, trainers, events, importance of matches, rivalries, feuds, and so MUCH more, all to calculate a very precise outcome.

Firstly, because they are popular and therefore allow high volume betting with the bookies (above 10s of thousands of $$$ per single bet) and secondly, because we wanted to rake in profits all year long and not just for a season or two while having to sit out all the other action.

Coming from the currency market scene (Forex), we decided that we wanted to develop a money-making system that would choose winning picks based on a precise and powerful prediction model.

We wanted to "trade" in the sports niche just like we traded currencies in the forex market. Little did we know that all the work woud pay off in such a grand way!

Sports betting is a HUGE industry! Billions of dollars are floating out there waiting to be grabbed... and with a mathematical approach, you can get the edge needed!!

It's Not Win Or Loss... It's The “Value”

Ai is not looking for only a winner and a loser. It seeks the "value" in each game, where you can make the most money with the smallest risk possible... therefore it predicts bets such as "how many goals will fall" or " who's going to score the most points" or "will there be more than 5 goals or less"... seeking the value in every game and giving you the most earnings!

Where Emotions Fail... Calculations Prevail!

Ai is a robot!... it's a machine, a "code" so to speak... it has no favorite players or teams... it is ice cold and tracks performance & performance only! Handicappers who predict games tend to have favorites, even if they don't admit it... their choices are emotional... and without 100% objectivity, you can never be as accurate as a proven prediction model... that's why, we eat handicappers for breakfast!

After 27 months sitting in dark rooms studying algorithms and formulae, with an army of 21 programmers and paying salaries of well over $200,000 (!!) we finally hit the JACKPOT!

Ai was born!

And we started raking in profits!

This method of giving ownership back to the investors was more lucrative for the investors than any hedge fund or forex market.

Where Emotions Fail... Calculations Prevail!

This method of giving ownership back to the investors was more lucrative for the investors than any hedge fund or forex market.

80+ parameters in calculation

Every single detail you can think of is there

Automatic prediction model

Computer Generated picks

Hot Trends-easy to follow

Ride the winning trend

Transparent Performance

Fully verified picks and predictions since 1999

Backtest approach like in Forex

Each system goes through advanced backtests and forward-tests

Bad News. You “Might” Be Too Late...

Unfortunately, good things cannot be open for everyone except for an inner circle of trusted ones. As the saying goes, too many cooks ruin the soup. 

Remember, if too many people are using the same system, it will become ineffective as the odds will be influenced.

Now, you are definitely in luck and at a very important point in your life. You've got the chance to enter our inner circle and keep making profits with Ai, or you can leave and give your seat to another happy camper because... and this is very important...

There are not enough Ai Memberships For Everyone :(

In fact, this wasn't an easy decision at all, but in order to maintain the functionality and integrity of Ai we plan to close our doors as soon as we fill our spots!

Success coaches teach a very important thing early on that is an important lesson for everyone and is so true when it comes to personal taste. Everyone of us already has personal preferences that filter emotions, ideas and concepts on a subconscious level

Basically, we already say NO to things on a subconscious level even before we actually think about it...

Now, what has this to do with sports?

Simple, If you are not a sports fan, you already ignore or disregard monetary gains from this direction. Basically, your subconscious tells you, "NAAAH! its sports, we don't like sports"

But what about the MONEY? Isn't that the driving point in this whole story? After all, we are all in it for the money...some more, some less... but what you NEED to do here is clear yourself of emotions and think rationally.

Would you rather grind your life through a boring day-job or effortlessly place a few bet in a couple of minutes a day on events you don't give a damn about?

Actually, If you don't like sports, it's even simpler because your emotions are left out of the equation, letting you follow the system and make even more money than a sports lover could do, because they tend to take sides:)

so, the lesson here is:

Don't frame your thinking... expand your horizon, take all the factors in consciously and make an informed decision... don't indulge in self-sabotage but instead, just foces on the goal:

Make Money From Home The Easy Way And Reward Yourself With The Most Precious Thing We've Got: Time

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